The people behind 4alliances

Christoph Klecker

Christoph has 24+ years experience in Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Data Quality and ERP/CRM environments.
He has 17+ years in leading positions as business development manager, director sales, country manager or general manager at companies like Seagate Software (now BO/SAP), Ardent/Ascential (now IBM), Infosys, Informatica, Human Inference.
Proven track record in enterprise sales including complex software solutions and consulting.
Use to work in complex selling and buying environment.

Heinrick Erk

Heinrich Erk has 35+ years experience in Systems Integration, Data Warehousing, Data Quality
and CRM/SCM/ERP environments.
Heinrich held Senior Sales, Sales Management and Alliances Management positions at Integrata, Sybase, Informatica, SPSS, SuccessFactors, Talend and Human Inference.
His proven track record was based on significant wins at Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Daimler, BMW, VW Group, AXA, Allianz, Commerzbank and more.
Heinrich built and increased alliances relations to T-Systems, IBM, SAP, Accenture, Logica, Sopra Steria.

Stefan Kröger

Stefan has more the 15 years of experience in direct marketing and Data Quality-Solutions. During that time he worked as an Alliance Manager and Sales Director for a big European media company. Since 2010 he is self-employed as an consultant for sales, data quality, data protection and especially compliance at enterprise customers.
He has a proven track record in sales of software solutions to retailers and end users. He is creative in developing business models and diplomatic when negotiating contracts. He prefers goal-oriented and customer-oriented approach. His clients include banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies and international corporations.

Georg Kreutz

Georg Kreutz has 30+ years experience in management, commerce and information technology.
He was managing the successful entry of a number of foreign IT companies into central European markets. The start-ups for which he was PSO Manager include Hummingbird Inc, Ardent/Ascetial Software Inc. and Tumbleweed Communications. He has also been responsible for the successful execution of complex integration projects, especially in the world of finance and telecommunications, for instance for Ardent Software, Critical Path and Siemens. Georg Kreutz is a certified ethical hacker. He is responsible for the areas of project management, technology, presales and managed services.