Sales Consulting

Sales projects run by 4alliances are firmly based on well-founded theory and successfully implemented in practice.

The fundamental tools used by 4alliances here are knowledge and experience, combined with the ability to implement that knowledge and experience in direct sales and channel sales. Our network of client organisations, integrators, distributors and resellers has gradually evolved over decades, and allows the quick and successful implementation of your sales targets.

4alliances has a track record of achievements in supporting the start-ups of foreign companies and implementing projects to help restore the success of established companies already on the market.

At the start of a project the 4alliances specialists analyse all the relevant parameters – always in line with the specific needs of each client. Based on a detailed analysis of solutions, market, target group, partners and influencers, 4alliances draws up an individual sales plan. For pre-existing sales organisations we can also execute sales and forecast due diligence, providing a comprehensive survey of the status quo and thus uncovering the true potential of the sales organisation.

Even the most well-founded theory is worthless without proper implementation. 4alliances not only develops and “sells” finished plans, but implements them in a sales-focused manner, providing clients with knowledge, experience, processes and access to the network.

An implementation plan based on the achievement of milestones guarantees continuous project monitoring and, if required, exit points for clients in case of (sub-)goals being missed.