The economic situation in Germany

What makes the German market attractive for foreign companies? Of course, each (potential) investor gathers their own impressions, but a number of facts clearly illustrate the excellent economic parameters that encourage expansion into Germany.

The Federal Republic of Germany has the highest GDP of all European countries and is thus the largest economy in Europe. As the most important trade-fair location for consumer and capital goods worldwide, Germany is also a significant international trade hub.

More than half of the circa 81 million people who live in Germany are employed. As the country has practically no raw materials, most of them work in the automotive branch, in electrical or mechanical engineering, or in the chemical industry, all globally successful sectors. Services also play an increasingly important role, particularly banks and insurances.

With a strong export focus, Germany often achieves positive economic growth even during global crises. In 2015 the economy grew by 1.7%, similar rates are forecast for 2016. Since the early 1950s a foreign trade surplus has also been the norm.